Marvel Unlimited App Reviews

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The last update solved the almost all bugs, but....

Thank you Marvel for have fixed the problems with the boxes jumping to the full screen! Anyway, there is still an issue that happens to few books and only on the app. Saying for what Ive seen, the Daredevils comics #23 and #29 simply dont open on the app, only on the web. Probably will appear more of them, so please, check it out too.

broken since last update

The app was fine until the last update. I can see the splash screen and then it crashes

Not opening!

Ive used the Marvel Unlimited app for almost a year and I went to open it up today and it isnt opening. Ive reinstalled it several times. I dont know if its a bug with my phone or the app itself but Id like to read my comics!

Why is it always bugging ???

The apps is really buggy and most of the time it wont even let me read a comic ... If been using it for 2 month and i love all the content but im thinking of unsubing simply cause it never work ... :(


Just subscribed to marvel unlimited and the app is not opening up any comic books

good content, bad performance

Agree with the other reviews. The content is great, but it keeps blanking on pages, forcing me to close the app and open it again to keep reading.

Must Have App For Marvel Fans

The few times books wont load is minor compared to the hundreds of hours that you will spend with your favourite comics. Well worth the money compared to buying weekly or monthly books.

Still bugged

Was hoping this patch would fix the bug plaguing offline reading since last month. But no. Just some esthetical changes, and still buggy.

Must have!

Must have for marvel readers who cant afford to drop $100s every week. And who who love to get the whole story without the difficulty of tracking down prints and back issues. Would like to tell you that the "more in ...(amazing spider-man, wolverine etc.)" button doesnt take you where it is supposed to 99.9% of the time

Getting much better!

This app works very well, most bugs have been fixed. Guided-type view is nowhere near as good as comixology, but is decent. The quantity of comics available for the price is pretty much unbeatable. Great for newbies, as I was when I started my subscription a couple of years back. I really wish the library had more options, like sort by series, sort by date, filter read/unread, etc. I also wish the library was easier to manage, especially to delete comics from my library. (UPDATE): Library has been updated and can now be sorted and managed and comics can be marked as read!!! Bumped up to 5* because of that, Thank you! (But frankly, it was about time!!! ;)

Crash city

I have an iPad 2 and this app no longer works. It will open and immediately crash. I have uninstalled , reinstalled , rebooted and still nothing. Please fix this so I can enjoy the yearly subscription Ive paid for.


Normally a decent app, but the latest update crashes the app shortly after booting. Ive tried shutting down my iPad and restarting, but that doesnt help. (Getting the crash on my iPad4)

Crashes on startup after July 6 update on iPad Air 2

Since the July 6 update the app crashes at startup on my iPad Air 2. It seems testing on this device was skipped. How disappointing.

Making great improvements

The selection is amazing there is no doubt there, and for the most part it works great! I appreciate the further sort/filter options in the library, I wanted that for over a year! I have found that when selecting a comic from my library and attempting to view more in that series, it gives me a creators list of comics and not the series that I was attempting to add more issues from. Often the issues Im am seeking arent even in the collection and Im forced to go to the browse section to find what I want. Likely just a bug to be taken care of for iPad 2.

Crashes on start up

After I installed the update it crashes on start up

Crashes always

Every time you open the app after the new update, it crashes. Please fix this issue, I want to read my comics.


Crashes right when it opens.. See caps face and then he gone... Fix so I can use what I payed for.

Loved the app until...

After latest update app crashes immediately after opening. Please fix this!

Great progress

Tremendous progress in the latest updates. Tremendous way to consume the Marvel back catalog.

Awesome app

This is a awesome app, with the new update though as soon as I click a comic to read it crashes instantly. Please get this fixed! I need my marvel fix haha

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